Facebook, blogs, Twitter, You Tube—the universe of social media is exploding and everyone needs to be part of it. But because there are so many options, and because new media are created almost daily, developing and maintaining an online media presence can present technical and tactical challenges.

Your website is your virtual headquarters, but a real online presence also involves a plan for branding your work online that goes beyond just your website. Blogs, social networking sites profiles, twitter accounts, and online communities are all part of your online identity and have a big impact on your off line brand. Interacting with others online, using social media to connect quickly and often, being present in relevant online communities, linking the people you know who should know each other, blogging, using multi-media platforms are all part of creating and maintaining a solid digital identity.

PointsFive can do all of this with you and ensure that these elements come together in an organized whole with a cohesive message both online and off.  PointsFive can work with you to develop a strategy for using social media to achieve your goals.