Maritza Schäfer

Maritza Schäfer has fifteen years of experience developing communications strategies for progressive non-profits and visionary ventures. A Spanish bilingual and multi-cultural communications expert, her work as strategist, writer, researcher and multi-media producer (including print, film, and video) has led her to create effective and change-making campaigns. Maritza’s expertise includes strategic social change, public opinion, issue visibility, traditional and new media, online communications, market research, and social network analysis. In particular, her knowledge of social networks and expertise in video production has proved a robust creative asset when developing groundbreaking social media and online communications campaigns. She has managed public relations and media outreach efforts, delivering outstanding results for clients in the non-profit, philanthropic, educational, and corporate arenas.

Having worked with numerous non-profits to position them as leaders in their area of expertise, develop communications strategies and foster media relations, Maritza is particularly well versed in promoting strategies for change. She has served at the Director level at Green For All and GroundSpark, where she promoted issues like the green economy and safe schools for all children. During her tenure at Tides Foundation, she implemented communications strategies to position Tides as a leader in progressive philanthropy. Additionally, her expertise in social science research and project management allowed her to execute a social network analysis of Tides organizations to increase the effectiveness of a critical re-organization.

Her artistic work as a video producer of documentaries and educational programs is grounded in a range of issues including the environment, human rights, economic justice, women’s rights, and racial equity. Maritza has also worked in domestic violence issues and as a pro-bono consultant for human rights campaigns. She holds a M.S. in Communication from Cornell University. While at Cornell, Maritza researched American public opinion toward the latest war in Iraq and developed solid knowledge of public opinion formation, attitude, and behavior. This research deepened her understanding of channels of information dissemination, particularly mass media and personal interactions and their role in outreach and mobilization efforts. She also holds a B.F.A. in Film, Photography and Visual Arts from Ithaca College.

Maritza currently serves on the Story of Stuff Community Board and the Baobab Family International Board of Directors.